From Pencil to Pixel:

Welcome to my design and development portfolio where my motto is: Creativity that defies boring. I started out writing and illustrating children's books and have expanded my knowledge base and undying curiosity to include the cyber universe as well. The evolution of media is fascinating, exciting, and at times a little scary. What intrigues me most is the relationship of fine art and technology; how they can exist without one over shadowing the other. I still write and illustrate a book here and there. It is my first love and my hope is print will never completely go away. There is something so beautiful about the visual presentation that can not be replicated on any screen. Alas, the cutting edge was yesterday, if you slept last night you missed it!

Poppy’s Perfumerie

Poppy's Perfumerie is a small business in need of some branding assistance. Poppy had a very good idea of the look and feel she wanted for her site and is very pleased with the responses she has received as a result. Her custom blended perfumes and specialty gifts are receiving attention from all over the world, she "couldn't be happier".

Bertie’s Buttons

Bertie's Buttons began as a hobby and turned into a business; and she quickly realized she was going to need a website. With a collection of literally thousands of buttons Bertie needed help organizing and cataloging her inventory. After much thought and careful planning Bertie and her customers can quickly and easily search for and purchase that perfect button.

Jenise’s Jammers

Jenise's Jammers was in dire need of a web presence worthy of their tasty product. For Jenise's site I built a custom WordPress theme; making it possible to make changes to and maintain her own site. It is now a great destination for information on her locally made products and their fast growing evolution to national fame. Way to go Jenise!